IT Consulting

A wide range of services is offered throughout the IT Consultancy.
What we do can best be explained through these four services.

CIO Advisory

Management Consulting in the IT world comes about by supporting the customer in day-to-day operations. Many clients do not have the needed services to help them improve efficiency and support themselves throughout all they do. I will work to support the client by setting up SMART objectives and implementing new processes, systems, and programs, all which are in line with the business strategy. The goal is to maximize the return on investment and obtain the needed hardware and software that will meet business needs. Adult supervision brings high-performing organisations to successfully complete 89% of projects, while low performers only complete 36% successfully.

Also small size projects benefit from a proper management. Employing a professional IT project manager for few hours a week can tremendously improve the results and reduce the costs of the overall implementation.

Digitization Strategy

IT strategy is of the utmost importance as it allows businesses to learn about what is right for them and the unique aspects of their business. This includes identifying the best possible IT infrastructure, which is aligned with the needs of the business. By exploring the various issues that a business has, needs will be identified and potential service providers will be located. Throughout the IT strategy that is put into place, advice will be provided on which providers should be selected. A plan will be established to manage the various projects as well as the day-to-day operations using IT services.

All of the IT services that are provided are customizable to the individual business. Solutions are always tailored for the industry and the needs of every client, as they are all different. Call today to learn more.

Data Science

Nowadays, data is one of the most valuable asset in business. Efficiency problems within the workplace can be identified and prioritized. All of the problems can be addressed to reduce costs and redundancy, improve and develop capabilities, and eliminate waste. It is possible to improve the innovation process to allow for a more productive workplace.

All of the solutions will be tailored to the intricacies of a client’s business to ensure that they receive the boost in improvement where they need it in a matter that makes sense for the industry that a business is in.

IT Processes Reengineering

Throughout processes analysis, I will look at the different processes that are in place within a business and determine which ones can benefit from technological upgrades. There may be various flaws in the way that a business goes about processing data or performing a task. There may also be redundancy within the data and this can result in inefficiency throughout the work day.

New processes can be established using new software, cloud-based programs, and more. Training can also be provided following the implementation of new processes to ensure that all employees are aware of what the new protocol is to avoid issues with the way work is funneled.

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