Why Is The Convolut Data Maturity Model Important?

Data is a powerful asset that is directly linked to business performance. Despite its potential, most businesses struggle to utilize their data to make informed decisions, implement data-focused processes and cultivate a distinct competitive advantage.

This is why we developed the Convolut Data Maturity Model. Our framework focuses on two fundamental areas: analytical skills and the capability to convert those skills into a data strategy. This aims to help businesses get a multi-dimensional view of their data maturity level, so they can take actionable steps to strengthen their data skills and capabilities.

The Road Map To Data Maturity For Businesses Of Every Size

Your business is never too small to utilize big data. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, the only way to stay competitive in the modern market is to be data-driven.

Discover where your business stands on the road to optimum data maturity.

Minimal Analytical Skills e limited Capability to Execute


The starter is at the beginning of a data-informed culture. In this early stage, data is collected for basic reporting purposes. They have a growing interest in the value of data, and recognize the need to improve their analytical skills and strategy execution capabilities to stay competitive.
High Analytical Skills and Developing Capability To Execute


The visionary utilizes their advanced analytical skills to understand their data, although lacks the data-driven environment and support to leverage their data proficiency for a competitive advantage.
Advanced Data Capabilities with Minimal Analytical Skills


Opposed to the visionary, the follower is equipped with a data-rich culture and the necessary management support to maximize their data transformation. Although the absence of analytical skills prevents them from gaining clear insights.
High Analytical Skills with Well Established Capability To Execute

Data Champion

Data champions have a data-driven culture ingrained throughout their business. With modern analytical skills and a team that prioritizes data in decision-making and business processes, data champions can gain a competitive edge by driving innovation and making well-informed decisions quickly.

Take the First Step Towards A Successful Data Strategy

Don’t be left behind in a data-driven market, join the thousands of businesses discovering where they stand on the data maturity journey and what it takes to maximize their data skills and capabilities for a sustainable competitive advantage.

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