Digital strategies and
top data capabilities

Serving as the bridge between IT and business, we provide companies of all types with digital solutions that boost their performance.
Francesco di Cugno, Managing Director, Convolut GmbH
Francesco di Cugno
Founder & Managing Director

With data science at the heart of our operations, we offer small and medium-sized businesses the kind of customized, state-of-the-art data technologies normally reserved for global corporations — and we do it affordably.
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Enhance your
Financial Reporting

We transform your data into a strategic asset of real worth. We can help you to improve your financial management processes in many ways:

  • Digitally transforming your reporting so that data is easier to manage, with the decision-making process becoming faster and more effective.
  • Dramatically streamlining your workflow and enhancing the accuracy of your data.
  • Reducing the cost in both time and money of maintaining regulatory compliance.
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Take control of your business

Many companies find that recurring bottlenecks and failures hamper their ability to streamline effectively. Our proven services enable you to eliminate difficulties with technology and procedures, helping your business find its flow.

From banks to manufacturers, we have extensive experience helping companies of all types transform themselves into effective and efficient digital incarnations. Contact us and gain the professional insight you need to optimize your business.


Creative vision and
digital experience

Our Qualities That Will Transform Your Business

Turning Your Business Ideas Into Realities

With there being a huge difference between having a good idea and knowing how to execute it, we offer both the imagination and the technical expertise needed to create digital solutions to any operational problem. No matter what tech frustrations your company may be facing, we can help you transform your business with the latest technologies.

Keeping the Customer Center Stage

From machine learning to data analytics, the contemporary IT landscape can be a confusing place to those not in the field. We not only ensure that our client’s technological needs are met but that they grasp the processes involved. Aside from providing solutions, we educate our clients with everything they need to know to fully understand and work with their enhanced systems.

Making State-of-The-art Digitalization Affordable

Our expertise in the IT field also extends to dealing with service providers. Particularly when it comes to small and medium-sized businesses, budget is a driving force in any project. In our role as your technologies partner and a third-party advisor, we ensure that project costs remain within budget and that your service providers follow suit.

It’s People That Matter

With a wealth of experience managing large-scale information systems in a whole range of different environments, we possess not only technical and management abilities but also necessary cultural insights. With particular experience handling cross-border projects in the DACH region and Italy, we offer profound advantages to companies trading in these regions.

Are you ready to
shape the future?

From AI-driven data management and analytics to robotic process automation and intelligent finance, we create systems that allow businesses to steer themselves in any direction they desire. Connect with us today to join our digital transformation movement.


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