ESG: The new global paradigm of investing

What elements should be considered in measuring ESG engagement and strategic behavior?

Measuring and reporting sustainability

This paper aims to give investors and companies ideas about how practices based on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) can help their businesses.

The current global economic challenges have made businesses change their focus from Socially Responsible Investments to Environmental Social Governance. Both investment methods primarily choose sustainable economic options but focus on different strengths.

SRIs prioritize companies that not only make money but also ‘do good’ deeds. ESGs also help with the pursuit of sustainability and increased profit, which businesses are trending towards nowadays.

ESG-driven practices mean using environmental, social, and governance standards when making decisions about a company. Studies show that companies who do this achieve better financial results.

This white paper presents a list of factors to consider when measuring ESG performance and some of the most popular reporting frameworks and standards, including SASB, GRI, and SDG.

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How we can help you

The data services we offer are comprehensive in nature and cover a wide scope, however, as an elementary introduction, you can rely on us to provide the following solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure that an organization’s processes adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Calculation Engines

Whether for internal or regulatory purposes, we create the data gathering, calculation, and reporting processes.

Data Governance

Creating architectural techniques and practices to provide optimal access to data across multiple streams.

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