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By partnering technological expertise with business insight, we provide companies with profoundly meaningful and comprehensive IT services. In the modern business landscape, the potential that digitalization offers in terms of efficiency, growth, and profit is vast. Companies that fully understand this will tend to thrive and move forward. Those that don’t, however, tend to fall by the wayside.

We bring businesses the best the digital space has to offer and instruct companies of all sizes in what it specifically means for their particular enterprise. We aim to apply an analytical mindset to every aspect of the business process while consistently applying our learnings to benefit your company.

Our Vision

Fill the Gap Between Business and IT

A common problem that lies at the heart of the IT struggles many companies face is that business and IT speak different languages.

Businesspeople tend to lack the technical knowledge needed to fully exploit IT systems and often fail to maximize business opportunities as a result. In addition, when technicians lack the business vision required to fundamentally address systemic problems in a company, they may be capable of curing the symptoms of a problem, but rarely the root issue itself.

Convolut was created to fill this gap.

Francesco di Cugno
Founder of Convolut

Our Core Values

The Guiding Beliefs That Shape Our Culture and Underpin Our Success

Excellence in All We Do

There is no room for complacency. Progress is only ever achieved by striving to be better than we were yesterday.

Our Word Is Our Bond

No false promises — we do what we say we will do, always. If we can’t do it, then we don’t say it.

It’s People That Matter

No matter how advanced our technology, it’s our staff who are the key to our success. We value, develop, and reward our talents.

We Stand By Our Clients

No matter what the situation, we act in the best interests of our clients and their objectives at all times.

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Consulting Excellence

We partner with global industry leaders to help businesses in drawing on data to build sustainable competitive advantage.