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Digital Evolution
Not Revolution

The use of digital technologies is no longer simply an option for businesses that wish to remain competitive, it’s a necessity. With digitalization — the process of transforming into a digital business — offering new revenue and value-producing opportunities, it’s become a prerequisite for market success.

That said, digitalization doesn’t need to be a daunting prospect for companies. While Business, Intelligent, and Robotic Process Automation may seem like a technological mountain to climb, when handled correctly, these systems integrate seamlessly and efficiently, naturally transforming businesses into digital entities that thrive in the modern marketplace. Furthermore, with the cloud opening up enterprise solutions to companies of all sizes, even the smallest business can now benefit from the same tools used by global corporations at an affordable cost.

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When correctly implemented, digital technologies promise to reduce bank operating cost by 75%.


The Recovery and Resilience Facility offers an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation with about 127 billion EUR for investments.


Only 55% of SMEs in EU have at least a basic level of digitalisation, with the European Commission targeting 90% by 2030.


Companies that embrace data-driven decision making experience on average an increase in profitability between 5% and 10%.

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The Convolution

Combining in-depth technical and business expertise, we manage the digitalization of businesses in a custom-made fashion — when it comes to digital transformation, one size most definitely doesn’t fit all.
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Business Process Automation

The partial or complete execution of a business process by digital technologies without the need for human intervention. As well as eliminating human error, BPA also has the advantage of speed, facilitating the handling of large amounts of data and often being far more cost-effective than manual processes.
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Intelligent Process Automation

An emerging set of new technologies, IPA combines core process redesign with robotic process automation and machine learning. By mimicking the activities performed by humans — particularly when it comes to repetitive and routine tasks — IPA systems learn to perform these tasks faster and more effectively than their human counterparts.
Automation generates tangible economic benefits. By radically improving worker performance, response times, and customer journeys through automation, one European financial institution achieved a Є150m+ annual reduction in costs.
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Robotic Process Automation

When it comes to routine tasks, everything from data extraction and user interface interactions to calculations and reporting can be automated using RPA software tools that operate within a company’s established digital infrastructure. Robots have developed into an effective option for dealing with time-consuming or repetitive tasks.  In recent years, they have become an affordable option for small businesses. The cost of the technology and its implementation has reduced dramatically with the introduction of cloud solutions, not least because large technology providers are offering free editions of their software that can be used to automatize the most common use cases.

Our Process

Our digitalization process involves five phases.
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The identification of a business’s specific nature, expectations, and success criteria.


An in-depth analysis of the business’s current processes and systems to evaluate the drivers of change and target needs.

Design & Validate

Based on our analysis, we create one or more solutions to achieve the client’s success criteria, working in conjunction with the client to evaluate the most effective options.


Working in unison with the client, we develop an execution plan based on resource availability, client expectation, and success criteria.


If required, we provide full support in the integration, testing, and deployment of the defined solutions.
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The human touch

Further to our technical expertise in the field, we also have extensive cultural knowledge — particularly when it comes to the DACH region and Italy — that allows us to manage cross-border projects more efficiently and effectively. This cultural knowledge, in conjunction with our technical and business expertise, puts us in an advantageous position when partnering with firms that trade in these regions.

How we can help you

Serving as your digitalization partner, we offer an efficient and cost-effective way for your business to evolve and meet the demands of the digital space. To this end, you can rely on us to provide you with the following services

Business Analysis

The identification of needs and their associated solutions to maximize performance.

Solution Design

The design of the system architecture needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Smart Reporting

Providing stakeholders with in-depth insights into a company’s finances.

Intelligent Process Automation

We design the technological infrastructure to provide complete, end-to-end and AI-powered automation of business processes.

Robotic Process Automation

The conversion of corporate processes into more efficient and profitable digital incarnations.

Architecture Modernization

We upgrade legacy systems — from IT resources to operational guidelines and principles.

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To discover more about our digitalization services and how they can increase the efficiency and profitability of your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free 15-minute consultation by phone or video call.
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