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Our technology consulting services transform businesses into state-of-the-art players in the digital landscape.

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With the increasing number of advantages afforded by emerging digital technologies, it’s never been more important for businesses to engage with these opportunities. From creating digital strategies to implementing AI-driven data management and analytics, the services offered by technology consultants are now fundamental to the successful growth of organizations globally.

Central to the contemporary digital landscape is a shift toward more customer-centric services. To this end, technology consultants help companies optimize their customer experience, enhance the speed with which real-time services can be offered, and support product innovation.

Further to this, with the cloud providing unmatched scalability along with increased opportunities for companies of all sizes to benefit from enterprise systems, technology consultants expedite the implementation of cloud services and assist in migration.

Big data storage and cloud computing representation. Programming

On average SMEs use 40-60 applications to run their business with large companies exceeding few hundreds.


Average number of alternative applications evaluated during a software selection excercise.


Developing a custom software takes on average 4 to 12 months to obtain a minimum viable product.


Enterprises spend up to 60% of their IT budget in maintaining legacy systems.

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The Convolution

With a powerful combination of technological and business expertise, we are in a position to offer businesses profound and effective solutions. Advocating a holistic approach, our consultants tailor IT systems that operate as a single interconnected entity, optimizing performance and customer experience while remaining remarkably affordable. In our role as a third-party advisor, we ensure that project costs remain within budget and service providers follow suit.

Our Process

The technology consulting service we offer involves five phases.
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The identification of a business’s specific nature, expectations, and success criteria.


An in-depth analysis of the business’s current processes and systems to evaluate the drivers of change and target needs.

Design & Validate

Based on our analysis, we create one or more solutions to achieve the client’s success criteria, working in conjunction with the client to evaluate the most effective options.


Working in unison with the client, we develop an execution plan based on resource availability, client expectation, and success criteria.


If required, we provide full support in the integration, testing, and deployment of the defined solutions.
Successful business team winner give five. Team building.

The human touch

Further to our technical and business expertise, we offer the cultural advantage of having profound insight when it comes to cross-border projects, especially in the DACH region and Italy. With the competitive advantage this gives us — and by extension, our clients — it should come as no surprise that our clients include Fortune 500 companies.

How we can help you

Our technology consulting services include a comprehensive range of analyses and solutions designed to optimize your organization’s position in the marketplace.

Business Analysis

The identification of needs and their associated solutions in order to maximize performance.

Solution Design

The design of the system architecture needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Solution Selection

Managing software options to provide the optimal environment for any business.

Architecture Modernization

We upgrade legacy systems — from IT resources to operational guidelines and principles.

Program, Project, and Service Management

The coordinated management of related projects in order to achieve efficiencies of scale.

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