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Using state-of-the-art analytics tools, we transform your business’s raw data into actionable strategies that boost performance.

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From finance to healthcare and retail to energy, data is the lifeblood of any business. Whether you’re collecting information on consumer behaviour or supply-chain efficiency, businesses create huge pools of information on a continual basis. While this data may be essential to a business’s core functionality, data analytics offers companies the ability to draw deeper, more meaningful insights.Using the correct analytical tools, data that once served as a measure of past performance can be used to make reliable predictions about the future, enhancing a business’s strategies and decision-making processes.

By leveraging analytics, banks can enhance their risk management procedures and quickly capitalize on new opportunities, medical firms can accurately identify health trends, and retail businesses can meaningfully improve how they promote themselves and their products. In this way, data analytics turns the information your company gathers into an asset of profound economic and strategic value.

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While analysing data, more 80% of the time is spent organising and cleaning data.


It is estimated that Open Data can save more than 200 thousand lives annually by enabling faster emergency response.


65% of organizations use or plan to use open data to enhance their services and taking decisions faster and more informed.


Companies that embrace data-driven decision making experience on average an increase in profitability between 5% and 10%.


The Convolution

With the competitive edge and significant ROI that data analytics provides, it should come as no surprise that 97.2% of all organizations are now investing in the field. That said, while every piece of data may tell a story, it’s essential to know how to read it correctly. To this end, we provide powerful business analytics tools.

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As a firm with an established history in data science, we have partnered with universities to create start-of-the-art analytics solutions — solutions that we use to help companies thrive. Combining extensive IT and business expertise, we serve as the bridge between technology and market performance, transforming raw data into actionable insight.

Our Process

The data and analytics service we offer involves five phases
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The identification of a business’s specific nature, expectations, and success criteria.


An in-depth analysis of the business’s current processes and systems to evaluate the drivers of change and target needs.

Design & Validate

Based on our analysis, we create one or more solutions to achieve the client’s success criteria, working in conjunction with the client to evaluate the most effective options.


Working in unison with the client, we develop an execution plan based on resource availability, client expectation, and success criteria.


If required, we provide full support in the integration, testing, and deployment of the defined solutions.
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The human touch

Further to our technical expertise in the field, we also have extensive cultural knowledge — particularly when it comes to the DACH region and Italy — that allows us to manage cross-border projects more efficiently and effectively. This cultural knowledge, in conjunction with our technical and business expertise, puts us in an advantageous position when partnering with firms that trade in these regions.

How we can help you

The data services we offer are comprehensive in nature and cover a wide scope, however, as an elementary introduction, you can rely on us to provide the following solutions.

Data Analysis

We organize and examine data to create actionable intelligence.

Dashboard Design

The creation of visualization tools that allow data to be assessed efficiently and effectively.

Data Governance

We implement architectures and procedures that manage the full data lifecycle needs of a business.

Data Architecture

The integration of technologies to provide optimal end-to-end data management.

Calculation Engines for Finance

Whether for internal or regulatory purposes, we create the data gathering, calculation, and reporting processes.

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