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We minimize bank compliance costs and maximize profits by designing and deploying innovative data strategies.

Data Strategy
for Banks

From deposit, loan, and credit processing to ledger and reporting tools, the back-end management systems that banks implement are among the most sensitive and data-intensive in any industry.

Complicating the landscape is the need for banks to comply with a myriad of regulations, many of which fluctuate regularly. Whether it be GDPR, Basel IV, Regulatory Reporting, Know Your Customer, or Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), compliance consumes a significant amount of a bank’s time and money — so much that 55% of bank CIOs are planning to invest heavily in compliance technology in a bid to reduce costs.

Although banks are slowly adopting a number of data solutions to remain competitive, the industry is still struggling profoundly with inefficient data architecture and multiple legacy systems, a lack of business support for data transformation, and poor insight at an executive level. It’s interesting to note that although data transformation increases overall bank profits by 15-20%, less than 30% of all banks have a data strategy. Poor insight indeed.

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Check your data maturity with our free tool developed by leading business analysts and get actionable insights.


Financial services directives, which apply to European Economic Area banks.


Banks' IT budget spent on average in maintaining legacy corporate infrastructure


Transactions processed by retail payment systems in Euro area.


When correctly implemented, digital technologies promise to reduce bank operating cost by 75%.


The Convolution

With our clients, including Tier 1 European banks with branches across the continent, we specialize in developing and deploying advanced data strategies that bridge the gap between technology and business performance.

Our services cover four main areas:

Data Strategy

From data programs and lineage to data quality and transaction testing, we develop strategies that enhance a bank’s operational capabilities while remaining fully compliant with regional regulations.

Bank Regulatory Compliance

With the colossal task that banks face when it comes to compliance, we create data-driven solutions that efficiently manage all manner of regulatory requirements from the Basel framework through to the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR).

The Future of Risk Management

By implementing breakthrough technologies, we not only transform a bank’s internal operations and how it serves customers but also enhance operational risk management.

Core Banking IT Modernization

We provide banks with the opportunity to operate faster, smarter, and cheaper by engaging intelligent automation, cloud-based core banking-as-a-service, a liquid workforce, and a host of other innovations.

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The human touch

Further to our technical expertise in the field, we also have extensive cultural knowledge — particularly when it comes to the DACH region and Italy — that allows us to manage cross-border projects more efficiently and effectively. In conjunction with our technical and business expertise, this cultural knowledge puts us in an advantageous position when partnering with firms that trade in these regions.

How we can help you

The data services we offer are comprehensive in nature and cover a wide scope, however, as an elementary introduction, you can rely on us to provide the following solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure that an organization’s processes adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Calculation Engines

Whether for internal or regulatory purposes, we create the data gathering, calculation, and reporting processes.

Data Governance

Creating architectural techniques and practices to provide optimal access to data across multiple streams.

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Consulting Excellence

We partner with global industry leaders to help businesses in drawing on data to build sustainable competitive advantage.

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