Reconciliation Beyond Spreadsheets

Is automated reconciliation possible and desirable?

Automated reconciliation
draws on data management
best practices

Financial reconciliation is a crucial aspect of any business. As the complexity and variety of available data increase, spreadsheet-based reconciliation is becoming obsolete. The solutions available in the market present different degrees of complexity and possibilities for automating the reconciliation process. The providers of these services claim stunning results in terms of the efficiency and timeliness granted by their solutions.

However, concerns regarding the actual applicability and security of such approaches remain. In this white paper, after broadly presenting the market’s current situation, some reasons to transition to the automated reconciliation method are analyzed. What emerges from this short analysis is that steps towards automation in the reconciliation process are worth taking. However, an overall enhancement of the data management process is required for these solutions to work at their best.

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About the Author

Francesco Di Cugno, Managing Director, Convolut GmbH
Francesco di Cugno
Managing Director
Francesco is a Technology Director with a proven track record in building customer-centric solutions using the latest technological innovations. He works with global organisations to realise their strategic vision and goals.