Smart KPI Reporting in PowerBI for the modern workplace

Download our material from #POWERCON2022

Download our material from #POWERCON2022

Here you can download the material we presented during our session at #POWERCON2022 about smart KPI reporting in PowerBI for the modern workplace.

The world today has undeniably entered a new era of digital transformation. Global companies must embrace rapid technological changes to stay competitive. Business leaders need to get insights in a short time to answer to changing market conditions promptly. In traditional systems, business users spend up to 80% of the time collecting and cleaning the data. Business requirements tend to evolve quickly, and analysts need easy access to new data to adapt their analyses and respond to changing needs.

As many companies are coming to grips with data technology, the availability of self-service analytics encouraged a culture in which business users pursued full ownership of data and insights. The new paradigm starts from a management challenge that might face strong cultural resistance, especially in environments used to implement IT in a standardized way.

Self-service analytics platforms help users get data from different sources and analyze it with little IT skills and without needing ad-hoc staging areas. Modern solutions are often cloud native and are built around usability and consumability. Users can use the data as they need when they need it. In addition, data can be shared easily inside and outside the organization.

With PowerBI, business users can achieve a quick start in self-service analytics by leveraging their Excel know-how.

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Francesco Di Cugno, Managing Director, Convolut GmbH
Francesco di Cugno
Managing Director
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